The Golden Knot - A tie with a pair of cuff links and a tie pin.

The Golden Knot - A tie with a pair of cuff links and a tie pin.

The Golden Knot’ is a beautiful thought and a neck tie rolled into one. It’s a priceless treasure in more ways than one. It’s the fruit of years of hard work, constantly improving the centuries-old art of producing pure and extremely rare Muga Silk, found only in the Indian state of Assam.

It is a testimony to the skill and craftsmanship perfected by generations of indigenous weavers. An exotic treasure worthy of passing down to future generations. It’s also a window to the rich and unique culture of Assam – one of the richest biodiversity zones in the world.

Gift your loved ones the perfect gift made from the finest threads of silk. It is without doubt one of the rarest and most expensive fabrics in the world. And for good reasons. Tell your loved ones that how special they are for you!

Reincarnation of the legendary ‘Silk Knot’ of Paris couldn’t have been more brilliant. Made from the finest Muga Silk and handcrafted to perfection, these silk cufflinks will flawlessly complement ‘The Golden Knot’ and needless to say, will make your presence felt.

The classic indication that you belong to an elite group of people who appreciate the value of living in harmony with Mother Nature. Designed to enhance the aura of ‘The Golden Knot’, it silently underlines your refined taste and unique personality.

Golden Knot Silk Tie' is produced from the Muga silk which grows naturally in the forests and it is a sustainable forest based economic activity for the tribes. Thus you not only own the exclusive product but help preserve the bio-diversity of the Sub-Himalayan region of Assam!

You may ask why this tie is not available in other colours? The silk has a natural golden colour and is never dyed. It is only available only in the natural colour.

3.00 inches width (Max) and length 60 inches.

A Golden Knot tie, a pair of cuff link, Tie pin, a booklet and a Silk Mark tag in the box.

• Always dry clean • Store it in dry and clean environment • If the storage is prolonged, periodic airing and brushing is advised • Protect from insects, dust, excessive moisture and light • Avoid direct contact with wood