“There’s something about 6 meters of fabric that brings out the lady you were born to be.”

We all remember the time when we took a saree from our mother’s wardrobe and wore it around the house. The sheer elegance of a six yard drape is everlasting and just so striking. Sharing the love for sarees, Mrs. Anita Pradeep started Anivartee. What started as a small business in 2014 with a few handloom sarees has now grown into a brand that brings to you a fine range of silk sarees from across the country.

The richness and craftsmanship of silk sarees has left everyone in awe time and again. As the handloom industry is slowly diminishing, Anivartee is a result of supporting the art form and preserving it so that the luxury is made available to generations ahead. India is dotted with fine craftsmen and weavers that create magic with their weaving wheel. Each state has its own form of silk and each one of them is so strikingly beautiful that it eludes sheer beauty.

 Anivartee in Sanskrit means the one who never retreats or goes back. Staying true to our brand name, we believe in delivering only the finest handlooms to you without compromising on the quality and service. We bring to you a rich collection of Pochampally Ikats, Gadwal, Uppada,  Gujarat Patolas, Maharashtra Paithanis, Banaras, Kanjeevarams, Tussars, Eri and Muga.

 Each saree sold comes with the silk mark authorised by the Silk Mark of India ( SMOI), Ministry of Textiles, Govt of India. Hence, providing you with only the most genuine and high-quality silk. If you are the bride, sister of the bride, mother of the bride or just looking to own a saree that you could pass on to the next generation, just like your mom or grandma did, then Anivartee is the choice for you. With Anivartee, we not only celebrate the beauty of sarees but also create a community that supports the weavers and the handloom industry. Not just silk sarees, we also bring to you the best of cotton sarees, , Georgettes Chiffons, linens, and Organzas.

 For every occasion, Anivartee has got a saree for you. We also go a step beyond sarees and provide you with dupattas, lehengas, and fabrics for you to create the outfit of your dreams. We at Anivartee never compromise on our quality or service. Hence, bringing to you nothing but the best. Be it your wedding, work or even everyday wear, Anivartee is here to help you out.

 By launching the online store of Anivartee, we spread our wings and aim to reach saree lovers well beyond geographical boundaries. We bring to you an online retail space that you’d love and enjoy shopping at. Anivartee ventures beyond silk sarees, finding the same beauty and sheer elegance in the craftsmanship across fabrics, sarees, drapes and also lehengas. With an extensive curation process, we provide you with the finest drapes from across the nation.

The online store of Anivartee is a platform where saree lovers can rejoice and indulge in the finest weaves and also providing the weavers a platform to showcase their skills and art. It brings together various possibilities, journeys and experiences from people across the nation united together in a promise to deliver that best to celebrate sarees and the fine art of the handloom industry. We hope that you enjoy a seamless shopping experience at Anivartee and spread the love for the evergreen drape.