Single & Double ikkat weave

Single & Double ikkat weave

Single and Double Ikkat weave
There is a lot of confusion between single and double ikkat sarees, fabric etc.

Few of the sellers are taking gullible customers for a ride by passing a single ikkat product as a double ikkat.
There are few striking differences between single and double ikkat weave.

1) In double ikkat , warp ( horizontal yarn) and weft ( vertical yarn)  are both tied and dyed whereas in single ikkat , it is either warp or weft is tied and dyed .
2) Double Ikkats has an extra ply( yarn) as compared to single Ikkats.
3) Double ikkats looks more brighter and  true colour
4) Double Ikkat is a premier form of Ikkat and needs a skilled labour to bring out complex patterns and also takes longer time ( almost a month depending on the complexity ) to weave one saree..
5) Price of double Ikkats are higher as compared to single ikkats. Generally  a double ikkat silk saree starts from Rs 18000/- onwards. 
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